Native and Display Ads for Legal Advertiser
Pintas & Mullins is a legal advertiser in the mass tort and personal injury space. This means they advertise legal cases to people who might qualify for to participate in them. Pintas & Mullins was the parent company of my main employer at the time, AspenAI. During this job, I designed and wrote copy for digital ads across all major platforms (Facebook, PPC, Native, Display, etc.) for Pintas & Mullins. 
This section shows a selection of the display and native ads I designed for Hernia Mesh, Lunch Cancer, and Birth Injury campaigns.  

A significant amount of the people who qualify for lawsuits in these case types don't know they are eligible for compensation.

Achieve a better than average conversion rate when compared to both our past campaigns and and our competitors campaigns.  
Lung Cancer Campaign
Birth Injury Campaign
Hernia Mesh Campaign
Pintas & Mullins had advanced methods of monitoring ad performance. We were constantly learning from what succeeded and what didn't in terms of the design and verbiage. Like most of our campaigns, the ads shown above consistently performed above industry norms in terms of click through rate and quality leads generated.
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