Growing up, I loved drawing sneakers which led me to my undergraduate major of industrial design. During college, I realized that my design strengths were more in the graphic than 3D realm, so I started working as a graphic and web designer.  
I eventually wanted to work on projects that better leveraged my strategic thinking, so I looked into the burgeoning field of UX / Product design (as a community, we really need to just settle on one of those terms). General Assembly's full-time UX Design Immersive gave me education and real-world(ish) experience I needed to start working as a product designer. I'm grateful that I've been able to use my design talents on a wide range of B2B, internal, and consumer-facing products. 
I am currently obsessed with the exponential advancement of generative AI. To be  transparent, I am concerned with various negative outcomes – both logistical and philosophical – that the technology could bring.  That being said, I am excited by the wide range of positive design opportunities it will present.
Between design jobs, I love substitute teaching. 
In my free time I enjoy improv comedy, cooking, and staying active.  I also have a nut butter side hustle: If you've never tasted pecan butter, I highly recommend you try it! ​​​​​
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