The startup I worked for at the time of this project, AspenAI, was building a suite of applications that would streamline the process of creating marketing campaigns, specifically for legal advertisers. The form builder was a key component of this suite.

Role and Duration
I led our competitive analysis, user research, UI design, and usability testing and worked closely with our  developer team and stakeholders on product strategy.  
We worked on this project part-time for close to a year. 

Legal advertisers can have hundreds of live landing pages, each with a webform. Most landing page builders (Instapage, Unbounce, etc.) are either not equipped for this use case or cost-prohibitive to use.
Competitive Analysis
SimplyConvert has the features that legal advertisers need (globally editable forms, user status assignment, and contract integration). And according to their statistics, when presented with a contract after completing a form, 40% of qualified users will sign it. Still, their service has two main issies: (1) only they can setup and edit forms, and (2) their service is cost prohibitive.
All of the generic landing page and form builders have their own qualities, but none of them have the features (like SimplyConvert) that legal advertisers need.
Concept 1
This first concept took structural cues from popular enterprise landing page builders like Unbounce and Instapage. Though intuitive, it was not ideal for showing the different “post screening paths” that users would go on after submitting the form. Additionally, in AB tests, participants found the overall structure of Google Forms to be more intuitive.
Concept 2
Our second concept adapted the single column layout of Google Forms to better accommodate the Post Screening Paths that are required for forms with logic and status assignment.
Usability testing confirmed that this was an improvement over our initial concept.
Next Steps
Finish the landing page builder and the rest of the AspenAI product suite.
Incorporate an analytics dashboard.
Mockup Image by aleksandr_samochernyi on Freepik
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